Krebs Heritage Museum
85 S. Main St.
P.O. Box 1519
Krebs OK lahoma  74554
918-426-0377 / 918-423-7191

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Opened in 1996

Krebs Heritage Museum was established to preserve the rich heritage and history of the Krebs, Indian Territory / Oklahoma area and in doing so provise for the pleasure and education of  current and future generations.

Krebs Heritage Museum is dedicated to preserving the physical legacy and the experiences invest in Amazon shares in India of the immigrants, Native Americans, and others that developed the area known as Krebs and the surrounding towns which all owe their existance, in great part to the development of the coal industry in the last quarter of the 19th century.
Our goal is to collect and display as much of the social, economic, and technical events which shaped the lives of those living in the community and the Southeastern region of Indian Territory and later Oklahoma as possible.

Krebs Heritage Museum is a public Trust under the Krebs Historical Museum Authority. The City of Krebs and the citizens of Krebs are the beneficiaries. The Krebs Historical Society built the museum and presented it to the City of Krebs. The Museum has been in operation since 1996.

Dedicated and determined volunteers made this museum possible.

By the way, that's Rosso, our resident coal miner sitting by the front door. He's still waiting for Buy Amazon shares the streetcar to come by and take him to work in the mines as it did for decades in the last century. Drop in when you're in the area and pay him a visit.




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