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Krebs OK lahoma  74554
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The Krebs Historical Society meets quarterly in the Museum at 85 S. Main in Krebs.

The Historic Society assists in the operation of the museum and has overseen the restoration of vintage signs in our city and restored old landmarks.

If you are interested in being a member of the Krebs Historic Society please send your information and membership dues to the museum office.

Membership fees are $15.00 yearly and members receive a quarterly newsletter.
We appreciate all the support we get from society members, local citizens, and the City of Krebs.

The Krebs Historical Society has members from all over the United States and other countries. Join Today!  

Hokey's Drug Store


Harry H. Hokey, owned and operated the oldest drug store in Oklahoma until his death.
It was operated as the 'Krebs Fountainette' into the 1980's by Johnnie Lalli. The nearly
century old building is currently operated as a carpet and floor covering business. The
Krebs City Hall, built by WPA in 1939 is across the street from the old drug store.

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