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This page gives us a glimpse into the Krebs of days gone by. The Museum is always on the lookout for photos of our heritage to copy, preserve, and display for current and future generations to enjoy. If you have any photos that we may copy please contact the museum. We have the means to copy by optical or digital methods. Check back often for updates.  
St. Joseph's Catholic Church

St. Joseph's Catholic Church was established in 1885. The first wood frame church burned to the ground in 1902. This beautiful brick church was built in 1903. The photo on the left is from a postcard that is postmarked in 1915. Photo on the right is a recent photo. Not a lot has changed in 90 years. It is one of the oldest existing churches in the state.


Coal Mine No. 11

The base photo in this collage was taken from the 1902 annual report of the Osage Coal & Mining Company, which operated the major mines in Krebs from the 1870's to the early 1900's. Mine #11 exploded on January 7, 1892, killing almost 100 men and boys as young as 12 years old and wounding many more. This was the worst mining disaster in Indian Territory/Oklahoma history and almost every household in Krebs was directly affected. The report states that the mine had been totally refurbished just prior to 1902. Krebs, McAlester, and most of the surrounding towns within 15 miles, owe their existance to coal mining. The color overlay in lower right is of the memorial that was erected and dedicated at the site of the mine in the Summer of 2002. It memorializes those lost or wounded in the 1892 explosion. The large masonry object to the left of the large tree, is a base for mining machinery and is all that remains of the original mine. The memorial is located 2 1/2 blocks north of the Krebs School.


Krebs MK&T Depot in the late 1880's

This photo is of the KATY depot in downtown Krebs and is purported to be one of the oldest photos of an area business location discovered to date. The building at far left is the 'Osage Coal & Mining Co.' business office. The locomotive was called 'The Nellie'. Visable in the right side of the locomotive cabin are Andy Drumb (Conductor) on left and J. Mann (Engineer). The KATY branch line that the Nellie served went as far East as Wilburton. What is now State Highway 31 crosses from left to right between the locomotive and the coal office. This treasure of a by-gone era would have been lost forever without the help of the 'KATY Red River Museum' in Dennison, Texas.

The Krebs Opera House

This photo is from a post card issued before statehood. The previous opera house burned to the ground on January 16, 1902. This new one was built in 1903. Streetcar tracks can be seen in Main Street. This photo was taken from what is now the front of the present Post Office. The Krebs Museum is located just to the left of and out of range of this photo.


August 1911 Krebs fire aftermath

On Saturday August 19, 1911 a terrible fire destroyed a large portion of the Krebs business district. Everything from the Opera House to Washington Ave. (31 Highway) was destroyed. Notice the contents of the stores that was saved by being carried out into Main street. Also notice the streetcar tracks in front of the Opera House at left and the wording OPERA HOUSE and 1903 date at the top of building. The current Post Office on Main Street is the location from where this photo was taken. A newspaper article about the fire and an additional photo of the fire aftermath are on display at the Krebs Heritage Museum.


Street car in downtown Krebs heading for McAlester

Pittsburg County Railway Company's trolley car #35 is stopped in downtown Krebs on Washington Avenue (31 Highway) heading West. At far left is 'Jabara's Dry Goods' and next door is 'Milwee Drug Store'. Krebs City Hall is obscured behind the  streetcar. A highway 31 sign is visible at far right by the automobile. The Krebs KATY depot is just out of sight at the right of the photo. The streetcar line which was operated by the electric power generating company in McAlester, began operation in the late 1890's and had extended as far as Hartshorne by late 1904. The line ceased operation in early 1947. This photo was taken in 1945-46 period.


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